UNC Boot Camp Projects

About 2 years ago, I started teaching myself Node, React, Mongo and a few other things to help tutor a couple of students that approached me about the UNC Boot Camp. It turns out that the instructors in this boot camp pretty much just give the students code samples in class and then assign projects that involve a lot of poorly- (and often incorrectly-) explained copying and pasting. Below I'm providing working versions of some of the projects involved, at least based on my understanding of them at the time.

My advice for learning using this code? Clone it, get it working, and then comment the absolute shit out of it. Write something for every single line of code - even if it seems absurdly tedious - so that you know exactly what is going on throughout. And then? Scrap it and do it on your own.

If you have other examples from the UNC Boot Camp or any other boot camp that you'd like to share, I can take a look at them and post tips or hints here in the future. OR, if you'd ever be interested in learning this stuff for much less money and much more personal attention, get in touch. In either case, you can shoot me an email at uncbctut@cranialmeltdown.com. Include the subject 'UNC Boot Camp' or something like that so I know it's not spam.

Before I provide the links, a disclaimer: AS ALWAYS, the code that follows is for informative and educational purposes only. If you use it to cheat, or rely on it to work in any important setting or context, you take full responsibility for it. Look... if you didn't want to actually learn this stuff, then you shouldn't have paid $10,000 for it. (Frankly I don't think you should have paid $10,000 for it anyway, but if you did, you should take your education seriously and actually try, ok?)